Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Power is not to be confused with tension

"It is a bit annoying when you see a horse that just does it. It makes you realise that you have a horse like this at home and then you have the other 15 in the aisle and you are like bad luck. You realise of course that there are a lot of horses that can become Grand Prix and we wouldn't be bothering training all the horses in the aisle if we wouldn't think that they could make Grand Prix.

But, of course there are the special ones and then there are the normal ones. I don't actually believe that many of the horses can't make Grand Prix. But it is which ones really do it with the relaxation and the power. Power is not to be confused with tension. Who can do a pirouette, like you know for a ten and then you just drop the rains and then he just walks off looking around for a bit off grass really. I mean, that is all he is thinking about, food. Nobody loves their food more than he does. I mean, the quicker he does it the quicker he goes out in the field and the quicker he can eat.

We have some of the horses like the Grand Prix horse I rode in the World Games. I mean, he lives in the field because he is very hot so he is much better when he just lives out. This one, if he would live out in the field all the time he would be so fat he could not fit through the door."

- Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin, clinic Denmark Horse Shows



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