Friday, December 27, 2019

Blueys Beach and Seal Rocks

I always dreamt of taking our Daughter Ella with me to Australia. I knew that we would go there someday and last spring I saw a picture on my friends Instagram feed from Bondi Icebergs. That same morning I made a few phone calls from my car on our way to the stables and soon did we not only have our plane tickets in our hands but also our living arranged for the whole month. 

I can not ever express the gratitude to our friends who took care of us and let us live in their homes for one months. Thank you!

You can read about the first part of our trip here. The second part of the trip was purely magical. We got to spend some days at our friends house at beautiful Blueys Beach and on our way back to Sydney we visited Seal Rocks and the majestic Sugarloaf Point Light also known as Seal Rocks Lighthouse. 


We lived right by the beach and my brother also tried some surfing.

We also did some shopping with Ella and our super friend Liv. 

Liv, who couldn't help crashing the picture. 

Here they all went surfing. 

These colours are just amazing. 

We also took time for some studies and Ella got help with her mathematics. 

Little Surfer Girl!


Our friend Bradleys pick-up truck that we loved driving around with. 




Illalla meillä oli katkarapujuhlat Australialaisten snapsilaulujen kera (mm. Land Down Under, Horses jne.) ja jatkoimme vielä laulamista pitkälle aamuun asti.

Lapset bongasivat myös puskasta talon edestä 'Diamond Pythonin'. Meidän ystävä Chris yritti napata käärmeen (hän on eläinlääkäri ja tekee töitä villieläinten kanssa, mutta ei ollut tarpeeksi nopea.). Parin päivän päästä käärme tuli jälleen moikaamaan meitä ja kun ystävämme remontoivat taloa keväällä, löytyi käärme katosta asumasta. 


There was no wifi at the house which was wonderful. So we always took trips to
the little village for some Internet connection. 

Pretty awesome view for some yoga.

Visiting a Lake on our way to Seal Rocks.

And we also did some Christmas shopping. 

Such rough and beautiful nature. 

Whenever there is a Lighouse you need to climb it.:)

So crazy beautiful. Like a painting.

Heading back to Sydney. Thank you Blueys for an amazing stay.