Monday, November 10, 2014

Be your Horse's Physical Therapist

I really like the look of Jane Savoie and her horse Moshi. In this video she uses leg yield in order to help the horse canter on the correct lead.

The horse is really relaxed and you can see how the horse moves as in one unity with the muscles floating around freely. For more information and videos visit Jane Savoie's webpage.

"All horses have stiff and hollow sides. You need to be able to do exercises that improve your horses ability to bend to the inside.  A lot of times people in this case say that the right side is the bad side, it is the stiff side and he wont bend to the right. But the truth is that the bad side, if you want to think of it that way, are the muscles of the left side of the body because they are shortened and contracted and it is harder for him to elongate his body on the outside. So as your horse's physical therapist you want to do some exercises to help him lengthen the muscles on the left side of his body so that he can bend and flex better to the right.

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