Sunday, April 21, 2019

G'day Welcome Home

I lived, studied and worked at Bondi Beach in Sydney 18 years ago. I lost my heart to Australia and have always had a longing to that continent. 

Last spring I was driving toward the stables when I saw a picture on my friends Instagram of Icebergs at Bondi Beach. There and then I made the decision to take my daughter with me to Australia. I talked to my best friend over there and got our living sorted and went back home and booked plane tickets pretty much straight away. 

Since Australia is so far away I knew that a few weeks is not enough to settle Down Under. So we decided to do a longer trip that would last almost a month. I really didn't have anything special in mind. All I wanted to do was show my Daughter Australia and sit at Bondi Beach and watch the sunset. 

During the planning of our trip my brother and his girlfriend decided to join us for most of the time so we were definitely heading to the other side of the world in great company. These posts are from our trip to Australia. I will mostly be talking through the pictures and the feeling that they portray. If you however want to know more or if there is anything that you wonder about, I am more than happy to help. Australia is definitely worth a visit for anyone with an open heart and an excitement for what life has to offer. 

On our way with my little chicken. 

Dinner at Helsinki Airport

Stopover in Singapore. Also read the book 'Crazy Rich Asians'.

It sure felt like coming home!

First stopover Jamberoo at our friends place with all the animals and the horse Captain.

Beautiful Jamberoo

Hello Sweetheart!

My Brother Kim and Captain.

First thing after a long flight we headed of to an auction in the countryside. What a fun experience.

And a lovely French dinner. 

Amazing Jamberoo

Meeting Flee for the first time. 

We also found a skatepark in Jamberoo

After a few days spent in the countryside we headed to Bondi Beach where I lived as a stundent, and the place that I had longed for so much. 

The best walk in the world. Bondi to Coogee. I absolutely love this scenery and the walk and then having a swim at Bronte. 

So many dogs at Bondi 

Flee swimming (probably the first time in her life)

We took little Flee with us from the countryside to the city. 

Australia is full of the nicest animals. Cockatoos next to where we lived and the coolest snaketurtle at our friends place.

Catching up with the rest of the family at North Bondi RSL Club

Ella loves skating so she totally fell in love with surfing in Australia. She said it is the best thing since it combines two hobbies that she loves: swimming and skating.

One of the highlights of the trip was definitely the dinner we had at our friend James place. James was paralyzed in 2008. You can read more about James amazing story here.

We met James sister Penny and her friend for the first time. Such lovely people. 

After a few days in Sydney we headed to our friends place at Blueys Beach. On the way to the beach house our friend had organized a visit to the Australian Reptile Park. The visit was very interesting because we had a tour guide and after seeing all the kangaroos and koalas we were able to visit behind the scenes and learn more about the worlds most dangerous snakes and spiders.

In the next post more on Blueys Beach and Seal Rock.

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