Monday, June 17, 2019

Natures own Superfoods

Summer is arriving and so is the need to stock things up from our favourite supplier Chia de Gracia. Thor has been using Chia de Gracia's products for many years and I can see a difference now that he has not been getting his dosage of Chia for the past months. 

Last spring Thor was a little bit sore in the back and his hooves are always really bad toward the summer, so I called our nutritional expert Mirva Kettunen and came home with this recommendation.

We have been eating Vitamin E for many years now and I believe that it is one of the factors why Thor keeps looking so amazing and the weight on the body. 

Some Turmeric (kurkuma) since the active ingredient curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. 

Fenugreek seeds (sarviapila) to keep the horses digestive track healthy, the shoes on the hooves all summer and to keep the weight on the horse. 

We also got Seaweed (rakkolevä) because it contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals, particularly iodine and potassium, and of course one of our all time favourite Rosehip Powder (ruusunmarjajauhe) that is rich in natural vitamin mixes (B, C) as well as oil. 

Chia de Gracia has all natural and beautifully designed products and the service is impeccable. The webpage has great information and I also recommend buying their leaflet ’Kanervasta Karpaloon’ that tells about all these superfoods that can be found in our nature. 

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Swimming summer 2019

The weather has been amazing for the past few days so we decided to head for a swim with Tuulikki and Mira from the stables. 

It was a fabulous hack back and forth (in whatever pace Visti who is 28 years old wanted to move) and even if the swimming was new for Mia and Visti it went really really well. I am so grateful that I get to do wonderful thing with horses and today I felt like this little girl riding out with my pony on the field again. Pure Magic!

Thor just loves his water. 

The others came to check the water first with a saddle on. 

Heading home!

Super uintikaverit!
Ystäväni Tuulikki kirjoittaa päivästä Ihanasti näin:

"Joskus hevostyttöjen tähdet osuu kohdilleen ja hevoset eivät perseile vaan ovat sellaisia kuin lapsuuden ponikirjoissa väitetään, aurinko on lämmittänyt vettä sopivasti, ilma tuoksuu merelle ja märille hevosille ja kun silmiä vähän siristää ei näy edes sinilevää. Eilen oli semmonen päivä. Miia yllätti vielä kaikki ja olikin melkein Thorin veroinen vesipeto. Kiitos Kia Herold ja vesipedon lainasta Mariaana Ötö Helminen."

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