Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Koiran elämää tallilla

Meidän pikku Jackista on jo kasvanut melkein aikuisen kokoinen poikakoira. Jack on aivan ihana tyyppi edelleen ja koko meidän perhe on täysin myyty.

Olen aina pitänyt koiria vapaana, mutta en oikein uskalla pitää Jackia vapaana Lauttasaaressa. Sen verran villi Jack on edelleen eikä käskyt ole menneet vielä kunnolla läpi. Välillä pidän Jackia vapaana aikaisin aamusta, mutta enimmäkseen ollaan käyty koirapuistoissa juoksentelemassa vapaana. Etenkin Eiran koirapuisto on todella mahtava ja sieltä löytyy aina kavereita, jotka haluavat leikkiä.

Onneksi on kuitenkin talli. Tallilla Jack on kulkenut nätisti mukana alusta asti ja on yleensä leikkinyt pihalla muiden koirien kanssa, kun laitan Thorin kuntoon. Sen jälkeen Jack on odottanut noin tunnin  autossa, kun olen käynyt ratsastamassa jonka jälkeen Jack on jälleen saanut juoksennella vapaana sen aikaa kun annan Thorille ruoat ja korjaan kaikki tavarat pois.

Tänään päätin kuitenkin ensimmäistä kertaa ottaa Jackin mukaan maastoon. Olen ollut kipeenä pari viikkoa ja olo on ollut sen mukainen. Nyt päätin siis hypätä karvasatulalla Thorin selkään ja vaan hengailla näiden kahden pojan mukana. Tuntui jotenkin täydelliseltä päivältä mennä yhdessä maastoon, kun aurinko paistoi ja ilma oli täysin tyyni.

Kävelimme yli tunnin metsäpoluilla ja peltoja pitkin. Alussa Jack hieman haukkui ja komenteli, mutta melko nopeasti Jack löysi oman flownsa ja meillä oli aivan ihana maastolenkki yhdessä. Pieniä ravipätkiä otin Thorin kanssa, mutta muuten kävelimme vaan kaikessa rauhassa ja mietimme maailman menoa. Nämä ovat kyllä niitä hetkiä, kun olen onnellisimmillani ja teen juuri sitä mitä rakastan.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mindfulnessia, joogaa ja ratsastusta Kekkolan kartanossa.

Rakkaat lukijat ja ratsastavat ystävät. Nyt olisi muutama paikka vapaana Kekkolaviikonloppuun 2.-3.4. Ohjelmassa ratsastuksen lisäksi Mindfulnessia ja joogaa sekä mahtavaa ruokaa, saunomista ja rentoa yhteiseloa.

Mindfulnessia ohjaa ihana Eeva Jaakonsalo ja minä taas olen vastuussa joogapuolesta. Voin luvata, että viikonlopusta tulee todella huikea. 

Tervetuloa mukaan!

"Anatomy is the structure of the body but it is the investigation of the internal workings. Anatomy is not just this frame, muscles, skeleton, ligaments, fascia. It is the container of out spirits. We are walking around in this container, this uniform. Do we want to have a bright, lit up Uniform or do we want to be like a dark shroud. We can wear our emotions on our body or we can free our emotions through our body. You are the body, mind and spirit. It is all there together."

Sunday, January 21, 2018

"I slutändan vet jag hur viktigt det är att hästen mår etthundra procent för att han ska kunna prestera etthundra procent"

Peder Fredricsson and All In "Allan"

I have always believed that we can do a lot as riders. We are never ready and there is always something new to learn and to progress in.

I do however also believe that we can not as riders expect much from our horses in case they are not 100 per cent ok. That the basic management needs to be in place in order for our horses to feel good in their own skin and for them to perform in the best way possible. So when I saw this video of Peder Fredricsson and read this line I became so happy.

"I slutändan vet jag hur viktigt det är att hästen mår etthundra procent för att han ska kunna prestera etthundra procent."

Fredricsson also talks about the importance of management in this fantastic documentary "All In -Den bevingade hästen." Peder clearly adores his horses and he is very thorough on doing groundwork and checking the horses muscle balance, the hooves, that the saddles fit and all other details that we should pay attention to when being around our equine companions.

When seeing the documentary I once again am reminded why Fredricsson is such an amazing horseman. As he says, "he is not doing it for the competitions or for the Olympic Games. He loves horses and wants to develop continuously. Then he shyly laughs that we might get the picture that he would not even want to be in the Olympic games in the first place."

Fredricsson seems so at ease with himself and has the most amazing energy. When I met him at Helsinki Horse Show in October I could not help but notice what an amazingly positive and centered human-being he is. I even felt his energy of calmness the next day and I couldn't help but wonder if that really is the key to his success with any horse. When you are feeling good with yourself you are definitely one step further to having those horses want to spend time with you and do everything they can to fight for that last obstacle.

If you have not seen the documentary you can watch it here. I warmly recommend seeing it.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


This picture says more than a thousand words. Taken by our friend Annika Grandell at the stable yesterday. A girl, her pony, some snow and a lot of love.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Family portrait

The first time photographer Susanna Lehto contacted me it was to tell me that I had been using her picture without permission. I wrote her back and apologized. I told her that I thought I had the rights to the picture and that I would definitely check better in the future.

I admire when people are proud of their work and also make the effort to tell others when they have done something wrong. Using pictures on social media nowadays is so easy and we don't always think how much hard work the photographer behind the picture has put into taking it.

So when I came up with the idea that I would love to have a family portrait I contacted Susanna and we decided to have a shoot during the Christmas break. This Christmas was absolutely fantastic but I felt so tired most of the time. I could just have slept and slept. I feel that the darkness really affects me but mostly I have just had too much going on. The month of October was so intensive that I hardly remembered what I was supposed to do the next day when every day was so full of different work tasks. I not only worked my normal job but also organized an event for Helsinki Horse Show, shot yoga videos for an app and held yoga lessons at a studio. I also turned 40 and most important of all tried to be as present as possible to the whole family shown in this picture.

So on the 28th of December when we had decided on the photoshoot I really did not feel up for it. Ella was not that keen either and it did not help that the weather was really grey and humid. We did however pack the car in order to continue straight to the city from the countryside and went to catch up with Susanna. And I am so glad we did. We had a short photoshoot but got some amazing pictures of our little family. Pictures and moments that we will carry with us forever.

Thank you Susanna (!

What does your family constellation look like?

Monday, January 1, 2018

April Yoga Retreat

I am so happy to announce our first yoga retreat that we are organizing together with two of my best friends Louise Merus and Anna Elfving.

I am so excited about this opportunity and can't wait to share some of this magic with all of you in April. 

You can find the retreat here. Join us for a fantastic few days at Wiurila Estate in Salo. There will be both dynamic and more gentle yoga and we will also have a workshop on nutrition and healthy cooking.

Järjestämme ensimmäisen joogaviikonloppukurssin ystävieni Louise Meruksen ja Anna Elfvingin kanssa. Lisätietoa löydät täältä. Tulkaa mukaan mahtavalle matkalle kanssamme. Sopii myös erinomaisesti ratsastajille.