Friday, August 21, 2015

What horses can teach you

Love, respect, quietness..... They can teach all of that. But they can teach so much more. They go so much deeper. When they say we can't measure and study energies, horses are just that. A magnetic field of magic energy. They take out the good and the bad in all of us. They teach us about life, how to be around other animals and loved ones. They give us so much. If you listen to them they teach you about perfectionism, about harsh attitudes, about not caring enough. About depression, happiness and loneliness. They teach you that you are never alone. That they are always there. Like the water running the waves, like the loved ones encouraging each other.

My soul has an innate connection to horses but first and foremost I am a mother. Seeing my daughter around horses this summer in their natural environment has really opened my eyes and created something beautiful. It doesn't matter how she rides. My daughter wants to spend time around horses and through that she is embarking on a life long learning journey.

My daughter has learnt that you never ever need to raise your voice or scream or get angry because it doesn't  help. She has learned to smile, to hug and to laugh. She has learned that some things you can't affect and some things you can. What I think that the horses are really teaching my daughter is love and respect. Much more than I ever can do. Yesterday when we were eating dinner she told me that she likes her food but she loves me more. Just like that. A show of affection. Just like that. 

Because that is what horses do. They show you that life is here and now. That you are ok as you are. That you  can be real because they never judge you and they never will. Around horses it doesn't matter what your hair looks like, if you are fat or skinny, if you have legs or not. They accept you just as you are.

I hope that everyone could get to feel this. Because if everyone could spend a little more time with this majestic animal in their natural environment we would create magic. Not in a crazy magical way. Magic in respecting each other and creating spaces where it is easier for us all to live. They teach you that life is here and now and it is ok to be you.

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