Sunday, January 10, 2016

My thing

Yes, it was not the perfect moment to go teaching horse-back riding. It had been a very cold week, I had hardly had any time at the stables with my horse and my daughter starts the morning by crying that I am never at home.

I drive to the stables and put on A LOT of clothes. Walk inside to the horses that are warming the whole area with their warmth and remember why I do it.

I love it. I love teaching, I love spending time with lovely people and fun horse friends and there is just something that isn't me if I don't do these things. I remember when I spoke about this to Iia Wennerstrand many years ago and she said that if she wouldn't be around horses she would lose her soul. And that is just that. When you find the thing that makes you sing, go for it full speed. You know what it is when you just can't be away from it. Even on days like these.

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