Sunday, January 17, 2016

110 cm check


I never thought that I would jump 110 cm in my life again during this lifetime.  Then again life does tend to surprise us sometimes and I must say that it felt so good and safe with my fantastic friend Son of Thor.

The last time I jumped anything over one meter I fell off and have been a bit cautious after that. Now you might get me wrong and think that I have always been afraid of jumping but that is not at all the case. I have always enjoyed jumping but I have not had the possibility to jump regularly after Masi passed away. So to have such a horse like Thor that just takes me from jump to jump and has the capacity to jump anything is fantastic. I love Dressage and learning new things but if I am really honest, deep inside, in my heart there lies a little jumper. #alwaysjumping


We had a fantastic day at the stables today with Ella and Jannika and went for a walk in the fields after the lesson. What a beautiful day. Winter at its best. 

Some friends were also skiing behind the horse. We just might try it someday soon with Ella and Thor. 

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