Friday, October 11, 2013

The Sensitive Horse Skull

Sometimes when dealing with horses we outsee some things and we do not always know or remember how sensitive so many areas in horses are. As Kerrin explains in her Facebook post on Equine Remedial Services:

The skull is an extremely intricate and complicated area In this picture if you look at the letter ‘a’: This is the infraorbital nerve that branches down towards the very sensitive nasal area, along with the dorsal nasal artery and vein, and lateral nasal artery and vein. The other labelled parts are the deeper and superficial lateral structure of the facial nerves.

Cavessons, halters, rope hack amore etc. are acting on the cartilage of the nose.. When I was a theatre sister I worked sometimes for a plastic surgeon. He often removed blemishes from the face of patients with only a local anaesthetic. He refused as did his colleagues to remove or fix any problems with the nose without having an anaesthetist in attendance to sedate the patient first... why? Because it is one of the most sensitive places on the body.

The horse has many more nerve endings in his face than a human.
This is just to remind us how sensitive an animal the horse really is. I will keep this in mind when riding today.
In this post about the horses teeth you can find more information about the sensitiveness in the area of the horses mouth.

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