Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Working with the Trampoline

As I mentioned in my previous blogpost about Centered Riding, Lotta Söderström likes using the trampoline when demonstrating the pace and rhythm of the horses movements and the correctness of a persons posture. When she was young she found a trampoline at home and realized what a great instrument it is in order to work on tempo, rhythm and balance. Here are a few videos that demonstrate how Lotta uses the trampoline and how effective it is. And how important it is to follow the rhythm of the horse. Not overdo or underdo it.

When I was riding and we looked at my seat, my right leg was clearly much stiffer on the horse but when I worked for a while on the trampoline it seemed like I was much more balanced. There is still so much to learn and so many things to explore when it comes to becoming better with horses, a better rider and getting to know the horse and human anatomy in general. Enjoy these two clips.

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