Monday, March 30, 2015

Miten helpotat istumista alas harjoitusraviin? - Emile Faurien vinkit

Oli mukava katsella Emile Faurien mahtavia vinkkejä siitä miten istua alas harjoitusraviin. Monet ratsastajat yrittävät istua alas vaikka hevonen liikkuisi missä muodossa tahansa, mutta kannattaa kevennellä, jos hevonen on jäykkä tai joustamaton. Kun hevonen vertyy ja selkä pehmenee voi kokeilla istumista alas aina pari askelta kerralla koska "it is very difficult and almost near impossible to sit effectively to the trot when the horse's back isn't soft and swinging". 

"I say it is better to do smaller badges of good quality sitting trot so that the rider can relate to the feel. It is more important that you are brave enough to sit, have the feel and when they feel relaxed and it goes well then back into rising trot and then continuous repetition of this will hopefully bring you into a position where you can sit for longer periods of time. One of the biggest things that I do when I have a rider that has difficulty with this is to try and make sure that they breathe."

"My top tip is be brave enough and keep breathing!"

Makoisia katseluhetkiä!

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