Sunday, February 10, 2013

About women and horses

I receive Kathleen Lindley's newsletter and an article about The challenges of women working with horses caught my eye. Especially these words:

Same with our horses. A lot of women will go along with a horse, using very little pressure, letting things slide and become inconsistent, right until some emotion is triggered. Then watch out!!!!!! Lots of pressure and lots of emotion.

I somehow connect with that in my life in general, being a woman and all but am surprised how I am able to keep my emotions at bay around horses. I also find that even if I do turn my horses into love objects I am fully aware that they are happier when being among their fellow specimen. These are large questions and telling someone how they should be around their horse is a bit like telling your friend how to raise their child. Everyone is certainly trying to do their best, but when it comes to women or men I think we should learn to listen. And take our time. Really give the horse the benefit of a doubt.

How do you feel as a woman about your relationship with horses?

An interesting read about the connection between horses and humans is definitely The Tao of Equus written by Linda Kohanov.

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