Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Maailman paras laji

Missä lajissa tapaa näin paljon upeita ihmisiä? Mitä lajia voi harrastaa vuoden ympäri satoi tai paistoi? Kuinka monessa lajissa ikähaitari on 5-85 -vuotta? Ja kuinka monessa lajissa pääsee näin lähelle luontoa ja elämän ydintä? 

Lainatakseni joogi Malin Berghagenin tekstiä Instagramista: 

"You are my spirit. The female warrior within me. The one that makes me protect my family, my friends and those around me. With you I walk with love, compassion and eyes that sees what I have around me. The Mother Earth. With you I am the caretaker, the mother and the warm embrace. I ride my horse fast and with the wind in my hair. Not afraid to face life's fears. I do not need to look down on others, make them smaller or pity them. That is not the walk of the true female warrior. Love is our powers and I meet others, but also my body and my age and my sexuality with respect. And ask others, with no doubts, to do the same. With you I am the lioness and the butterfly. Both strong and gentle. Courageous and vulnerable. But with you I am also the woman riding naked on my horse. Getting my partner crazy of hunger. Yes, I will tease him, making his heart beat faster, breath go deeper.... Because that is our nature.... I know my powers. I treasure them. Don't misuse them. Don't let anyone misuse me. With you, my female warrior within the body of mine, I make life holy. And you are now one with me. 🙏"

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