Saturday, August 17, 2013

Long-term stabling is no life for a horse

Says professor Jan Ladewig of Copenhagen University and adds that the quality of a horse's day outside of their riding routine matters a great deal.

“If we expect horses to perform at a high level, either during competitions, or during general leisure riding … and if we expect them to be safe and easy going to handle and to ride, we must consider the quality of all those hours of the day and night when they are left by themselves, when we are not around.”

He stated that horses need physical contact with other horses, and social isolation prohibits the horse from engaging in mutual groomin, play, and simply just being near other horses they are bonded with.

Many horse owners do not allow their horses to have group turnouts and the belief goes against the results of a study showing that horses in group turnout on pasture suffered no more injuries than horses housed individually in stalls.

“If we are really concerned about the welfare of riding horses we must get away from individual housing and change over to group housing.”

Let Horsetalks article speak for itself.

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  1. Milloin muutatte laumaan Emilin seuraksi? Olisiko Emilin naapuritalli teille parempi?

  2. Juuri nyt viihdytään kyllä erinomaisesti ja kaikki toimii hyvin. On niin tärkeätä nyt kun olen aloittanut uudessa työpaikassa ja Ella koulun, että voin hyvällä mielellä olla poissa tallilta. Tietää, että kaikki hoituu ja rutiinit ovat kunnossa. Ja eihän sitä koskaan tiedä mitä tulevaisuus tuo tullessaan. Empukkaa ja omistajia kaivataan kyllä kovasti.