Friday, October 15, 2010

Like a little monster

I was invited to Lady Gaga's concert yesterday and it was an amazing experience. I had only read about her and seen her pictures in various magazines and my preconception of her was totally wrong. She is one of the most talented artists that I have ever seen. She can sing and dance so well and knows the chords of the piano by heart. She does "not fucking lip sinc" according to her own words and she has a great and clear message to her "Monsterball fans". It is all about loving oneself and "when you leave the concert you should not love me more, but you should love yourself more."

Today I have been riding all day. First we were out and about with Tiina, Masi and Blondie and then I rode Grande at Tampaja. The whole weekend will be spent with horses, firstly during Mia Kainulainen's weekend Dressage course and then I will learn to trim horse hooves. Am so excited about this opportunity. Maybe I can understand a bit more what was wrong with Tesello's leg and maybe be able to understand more about horses and their hooves in general when I get to know the build of horses hooves in detail. Now it is time for some well-deserved relaxation with sauna, good food and the Swedish Idols competition on TV. Have a great weekend.

I also liked the lyrics of Lady Gaga's warm-up band Semi Precious Weapons: "I can't pay my rent but I'm fucking gorgeous".

And some horsey news: Moorlands Totilas was sold to German Paul Schockemöhle for the amount of 10-15 million euros. Since Schockemöhle is German, Dutch Edward Gal will probably no longer be riding Totilas. And I can almost assure you that the reason that Totilas was so good was not only the horse in itself but Gal's way of training and treating the horse. Remains to be seen.....

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