Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Horse = No man, single forever, unmarried

I get this a lot:

"If you wouldn't spend so much time at the stables....."
"If you wouldn't put all your time into horses....."
"It will pass.... That weird thing you have for horses (no, it won't)"

"Look Kia, the next time you meet a new man and start a relationship you should really spend less time around horses and more time with the man."

I mean seriously????? Do you really think so?
The fact that I am single has nothing to do with horses and the fact that I love horses has nothing to do with the fact that I am single.

If owning a horse would be an applicable reason for a life destined without a man, then we might as well apply it to all factors of life.

"Look, when you meet a new man/woman you should really stop running marathons and go for the half ones." 

"Maybe you should feel less passionate about your job when you start dating."

Horses have always been a huge part of my life and they are the ones that have been there through thick and thin. They have seen me fall in love, they have watched me cry and they have heard me scream. They have seen me fall out of love and they have seen me rise and fall through so many situations in life. Without them I would not be me and without them the person who would meet me might get more time, but they would not get passion, enthusiasm and a heart filled with joy. They would get a surface that would adhere to how we think we should act and behave, but they would not touch the magic of my soul that horses are such a big part of.

Because after all there is nothing more beautiful than a person with a passion in life. And there is nothing that gives you as much as a life that involves a passion. Never give that up for anything or anyone else. Because after all, the only one who will be losing that battle is you.

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  1. Thank you Kia!

    I agree. I consider myself to be more me, letting the true me shine through when I have horses in my life. They do make me a better person and let me grow to the person I am supposed to become.

    Maarit L. :-)