Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Horse!

For the past months we have just been spending a lot of time together with Thor. Less riding and more hanging. And it has been so good. We talk so much about seizing moments and quieting the mind but we ask so much from those around us. By quieting your own mind you suddenly realize that you need to give your horse moments and maybe sometimes even longer periods when he can also seize the moment and find a calmer place to be in. #horses #equestrian #horsesofinstagram #relaxedmindrelaxedbody


  1. So true. I've already noticed during a rather short period of time that my elderly horse friend really enjoys just hanging around. Whether it is warming him up before exercise or cooling him down after exercise by walking beside him or going out to take an extra bite of fresh grass (summer is here!) it just feels so right. Just to be, breath and be happy. Together and at the same time, also as individuals.

    Wishing you and Thor many happy moments!

    Maarit L. :-)