Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lovely Horse Documentary

This documentary caught my attention and it features some of my favourite authors: Marc Rashid, Linda Kohanov, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and many others. Absolutely a lovely documentary definitely worth watching for any horse lover on any level.

"I look back at pictures and drawings from my childhood. In the beginning there was a passion that drew me to horses."

Touching on the same subject is the following article in Equus: Horsing around in childhood really can change your life.

"The study is much more than a reinforcement of the “ feel-good” benefits of being around animals. In particular, the researchers designed the study to see if there was a way their research could be utilized in the prevention of mental health problems later in life."

Yesterday we had a lesson with Monika and Thor felt straighter than in a long time. You could really feel that Linda had opened something in the back because especially the gaits in the walk were much longer and smoother. I was so happy. The lesson was really good and I really liked the following exercise that Monika had taken with her from Emile Faurie's clinic:

Keeping the horse on a square Monika asked me to ride a small circle, then straight into trot, back to walk, a small circle and trot again. It really made Thor attentive and the transitions became very fluent. Monika thought that we had made some progress and I was very content with the lesson.

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