Sunday, September 8, 2013

Riding in Iceland

We visited Iceland for a couple of days in June and had the opportunity to go riding close to Reykjavik. Trip advisor rates Viking horses, that took us out and about as one of the 'Things to do' in Reykjavik and Iceland.

The horses were brought to these paddocks to wait for the riders. 
Viking horses is run by a family and since we were in Iceland with five children it seemed like a good place to get acquainted to.

We were picked up from the hotel by the mother and daughter and drove for approximately 50 minutes outside of Reykjavik. The horses were stabled outside and in small stalls and there was an outdoor arena next to all the stables. Apparently the stables were rented to different tour operators and some were privately owned.

The outdoor arena can be seen in the distance. 

Since for me all horses should run around naked I was not very impressed since I at first thought that the horses lived in the stables. It did not however take long to realize that we were in Iceland and the horses are constantly rotated and are only at the stables for the few hours that the tourists are around. Other than that the horses are out in the fields day and night and seemed very happy and content.

The daughter in the family teaching us about the Icelandic horse. 

The complex with different stables run by various people. 

The horses were ready and saddled after we had had some tea and the owner's had told us a little bit about icelandic horses in general, their history, their gaits and for example facts such as once you take an Icelandic horse away from Iceland they can never be brought back. Icelandic horses are not vaccinated either so it was important to have good hygiene if coming from other countries and other stables.

Since our children ranged from five to eleven year olds we were very lucky to get horses with different levels of energy. And this is just the fact why I personally adore these small majestic animals. You can put anyone on top of them and go for a ride that includes cantering in the beautiful nature (unless it happens that one horse steps into a beehive and they throw of your colleague that you had just invited out with the beautiful and stable horses).

Brother and sister. 

We left the stable area and went around in the nature for a few hours. The scenery was beautiful and everyone had a blast. The children were laughing a lot and so proud of themselves having cantered in the end. The more experienced riders also took some u-turns until we caught up with the others again. So all in all a very pleasant and great experience.

If I were ever to go back I would however love to go for long trail-rides with the horses and maybe cross Iceland. I think that there are many fantastic rides further away from Reykjavik but for us with so little time and so much to do this was just the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Lucky as we were, the weather was also picture perfect.

Always have to get a picture with the boxer. 

So gear up, head to that fantastic tectonic country and experience the wonderful icelandic horse in its real element: Iceland.

The fantastic scenery.

After the ride. 

The children were playing riding school after a fun ride together. 

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  2. Ihania kuvia! Olis kyllä mahtavaa päästä jollekin piiiiitkälle heppavaellukselle ihanaan luontoon. Itte oon unelmoinut mm. niistä Ranskan linnareiteistä... ja jatkan unelmointia.

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