Sunday, January 21, 2018

"I slutändan vet jag hur viktigt det är att hästen mår etthundra procent för att han ska kunna prestera etthundra procent"

Peder Fredricsson and All In "Allan"

I have always believed that we can do a lot as riders. We are never ready and there is always something new to learn and to progress in.

I do however also believe that we can not as riders expect much from our horses in case they are not 100 per cent ok. That the basic management needs to be in place in order for our horses to feel good in their own skin and for them to perform in the best way possible. So when I saw this video of Peder Fredricsson and read this line I became so happy.

"I slutändan vet jag hur viktigt det är att hästen mår etthundra procent för att han ska kunna prestera etthundra procent."

Fredricsson also talks about the importance of management in this fantastic documentary "All In -Den bevingade hästen." Peder clearly adores his horses and he is very thorough on doing groundwork and checking the horses muscle balance, the hooves, that the saddles fit and all other details that we should pay attention to when being around our equine companions.

When seeing the documentary I once again am reminded why Fredricsson is such an amazing horseman. As he says, "he is not doing it for the competitions or for the Olympic Games. He loves horses and wants to develop continuously. Then he shyly laughs that we might get the picture that he would not even want to be in the Olympic games in the first place."

Fredricsson seems so at ease with himself and has the most amazing energy. When I met him at Helsinki Horse Show in October I could not help but notice what an amazingly positive and centered human-being he is. I even felt his energy of calmness the next day and I couldn't help but wonder if that really is the key to his success with any horse. When you are feeling good with yourself you are definitely one step further to having those horses want to spend time with you and do everything they can to fight for that last obstacle.

If you have not seen the documentary you can watch it here. I warmly recommend seeing it.

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  1. Thank you Kia for this!

    I couldn't agree more. This actually applies to many things or perhaps even to everything in life: as much as you want to receive, as much you must give yourself. And Peder Fredricsson is absolutely charming. His genuine love for horses, his calmness, his high standards for taking care of horses and attention to details while riding or training. During HIHS 2017 I was impressed not only of his riding but also by his skills as a trainer during his mini clinic. Simple but effective excercise which obviously gives results. I also liked him explaining his principles for jumping, doing enough but not too much and saving the biggest jumps for the major competitions.


    Maarit L.