Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Family portrait

The first time photographer Susanna Lehto contacted me it was to tell me that I had been using her picture without permission. I wrote her back and apologized. I told her that I thought I had the rights to the picture and that I would definitely check better in the future.

I admire when people are proud of their work and also make the effort to tell others when they have done something wrong. Using pictures on social media nowadays is so easy and we don't always think how much hard work the photographer behind the picture has put into taking it.

So when I came up with the idea that I would love to have a family portrait I contacted Susanna and we decided to have a shoot during the Christmas break. This Christmas was absolutely fantastic but I felt so tired most of the time. I could just have slept and slept. I feel that the darkness really affects me but mostly I have just had too much going on. The month of October was so intensive that I hardly remembered what I was supposed to do the next day when every day was so full of different work tasks. I not only worked my normal job but also organized an event for Helsinki Horse Show, shot yoga videos for an app and held yoga lessons at a studio. I also turned 40 and most important of all tried to be as present as possible to the whole family shown in this picture.

So on the 28th of December when we had decided on the photoshoot I really did not feel up for it. Ella was not that keen either and it did not help that the weather was really grey and humid. We did however pack the car in order to continue straight to the city from the countryside and went to catch up with Susanna. And I am so glad we did. We had a short photoshoot but got some amazing pictures of our little family. Pictures and moments that we will carry with us forever.

Thank you Susanna (suvililja.net)!

What does your family constellation look like?

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