Monday, January 21, 2019

A good life

I received this video from my friend Johanna today. Tiina, Johanna and Tuula normally have a riding lesson on Monday mornings but this Monday it was simply too cold to have one. With the crisp air and the temperature touching -22 degrees at the countryside, Tiina decided to take Thor out for a run on the snow covered fields.

When I saw this video my heart skipped a beat. I just felt a tremendous wave of happiness running through me when I realised how happy Thor is. I understood that I have finally found a place where he is feeling secure and where he can relax and feel at home. I also felt so content because I knew at that moment that I have given two horses a good life. A life where they know that I am always there for them and where their basic needs are being met. I hope every animal could have a life like that.