Sunday, October 29, 2017

"Life starts at 40"!

The day I met Peder Fredriscon. I will never forget his amazing energy. 

Some say that life starts at 40. I would say that I have had the most amazing life but I am truly happy to turn 40. It somehow seems that there is some more wisdom in little me and that I am finally in the stage of my life where I have learned to respect and love myself. 

We always hear about it but until you actually experience it, it is hard to understand what liking yourself actually feels like. It is all about being vulnerable and not ashamed of laughing or crying. It is all about being your true self and true to your calling. Of doing what you love and doing it fully from the heart. Of knowing that you are good just as you are and that whatever happens in the end the universe has your back. That life has its ups and downs and you just need to learn to flow with them rather than against them. And maybe just learning to not take it too seriously. Just take it as it comes with a smile on your face. As Peder Fredricson so well put it when I asked him on Friday what his secret is and how come he is so at ease with himself. I asked him if he meditates everyday or something? He told me that he actually does do yoga everyday but that he will now go and buy a beer. That is also helps.

First day at the arena. 

Equestrian Stockholm was well represented.

Jack is wondering where I am running all the time last week. 

Also found the time to shoot some yoga videos and give a dynamic flow lesson at Merijooga.

Took a long hack with Thor before heading back to the ice hall and Horse Show again.

Such a fantastic event.

Getting ready for Ladies Night at Helsinki Horse Show!
Two fantastic evenings. Thank you everyone who showed up!

These two sweethearts. Arvi Martikainen and Saara Auvinen.

With "Laukka" Marko!

The awesome Hunks also joined the party this year.

Fantastic Tom Gordin and Liisa Tirronen. Two people I have really come to like so much. 

Liisa had her dream come true when she got her Taittinger obstacle at Helsinki Horse Show 2017.

These amazing women and "Frank" also remembered my birthday.

And my dearest family and friends celebrated a slightly tired Kia all day with both brunch and dinner. 

Thank you Mum!

When Jack was spending time with my brother he got to try out some modelling. 

And got to meet some new friends. 

I have taken a lot of moments for yoga and I just truly love these moments for myself. 

Thor is wonderfully happy and content and we have had some fantastic riding lessons
and a lot of lovely hacks out in the nature. 

Yesterday we spent an evening with trick and treats at our friends place.
So much fun. All ages running around together. 

This is a good reminder that my friend sent me on my Birthday. Remember to enjoy every second of every day. 

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