Monday, October 2, 2017

Grateful moments

Filming my first ever yoga videos for a project together with my friend Auli Nissinen. 
The last few weeks have been purely amazing. I have had some really fantastic work opportunities, Ella has been enjoying school, her hobbies and being with her friends, and Jack has integrated into the family very well. It seems like he has always been apart of our sangha.

Fantastic Eeva Jaakonsalo from

We have been spending a lot of time outdoors with Jack and last Sunday he was with us at the stable all evening. At our new stable there are a lot of children and dogs so both Ella and Jack played along all evening and we were all ready for bed from all the fresh air when we got back home.

Jack has been meeting a lot of new friends. Here with Frodo. 

And sometimes I get very tired. 

Meeting Dante the Man!

More dog friends. 

We have also had a lovely time with Tiina and the children walking around in Lauttasaari and having a coffee and something small to eat by the sea.

Last week I went for an evening yoga class and my brother took care of both Ella and Jack. I am so thankful for family that is always there for us. 

Last week we took Thor to Vermo with Jannika (THANK YOU) to see Thomas von Troil and to get him shod. This summer has not been a great one for Thors hooves since he has lost the left front shoe every time before he was shod all around. As Jaska said on our last visit to Viikin hevossairaala, the biggest problem is that Thors hooves are very humid and that is the reason that the shoes just drop of when the nails get loose. 

Pakollinen kahvistoppi matkan varrella.

Thor has always had much better hooves during the winter so lets just hope that the shoes will stay on this time before we head to Vermo again after six weeks.

Even if it seems like such a hassle (and it feels like it) to drive Thor to the clinic to get shod it is worth it considering how well he had adjusted to his new home. He is very content and happy and feels great to ride. Thomas shoeing is also just perfectly suitable for us and the hooves are so nicely shod right now that I can just sit and wonder what an amazing ferrier Thomas is. Not only is he such a nice person but he is so humble and so tarkka and good at his job. 

Waiting for our turn at Vermo.

So from now on we will be driving Thor to the clinic for his shoeing and I will just try to take it as good practice for us all. Luckily the loading went very well and it seems that every time we go somewhere it gets easier and easier for both Thor and me.  

Thor viihtyy Thomaksen seurassa. 

Thor has not been the only one enjoying the new home at the countryside. I have been enjoying it immensely. The really nice dressage and jumping lessons and particularly the long and beautiful hacks and canters out in the forest and the roads.

The atmosphere at the stable is very relaxed and the horses are so happy. We even stop for some 'but scratching' when we head out to the forest before our dressage lesson.

On Saturday we went for a proper canter with Alva and Dante and I literally needed to just hang on and try to think fun thoughts. Dante has a very long canter stride so when they went fast we went super fast. I really am not sure if I have ever galloped that fast with Thor before and even if it felt a bit unsure at times I really enjoyed letting him go off full speed. It does so well for him and he was sweaty and very content when we got back to the stables. 

We have also had time for some beautiful morning walks and some shopping at Vans and Superdry outlets with Ella and our friend Samuli. 

All Vanned up. Ella and Samuli.

Last week I also got a lovely package from Back on Track (that I will tell more of soon) and yesterday we had a fun jumping lesson with the stable owner Henna Kostiainen. 

We have been jumping regularly now and I feel that we are getting into a pretty nice rhythm and feel. Thor has been very forward and active but also very soft at the same time. Today Tiina went for Jannikas dressage lesson and on Wednesday we will train some dressage moves with Thor. I will try to hack him out at least once or twice a week and then we will go to as many lessons as I just find the time to attend. I just love learning and developing together with Thor. He is such fun company and a real pleasure to ride. 

Today I have been at the Nordic Business Forum and will continue most of the day tomorrow. It is always so inspiring to learn and get new ideas from forums like these. I wish I could someday do something similar for the Equestrian world. Organize a huge international event: World Equestrian Forum. Are you with me? 

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