Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"I’m not as strong as he is, I’m not as forgiving as he is, I’m not as elegant as he is"

Picture borrowed from Dr. Chris Brown.

Yesterday I watched Skavlan talk Show with the 1975's Matty Healy and he discussed how equine therapy helped him kick his heroin addiction.

When we deal with horses it is good to remember as Dr. Chris Brown so well puts it: "research has shown that horses are capable of more facial expressions than dogs and even chimpanzees. Despite the 'long face', horses can show 17 different and sensitive emotions like fear, confusion, happiness and contentment with movements of their ears, lips, cheeks and eyes".

I think this quote from Matty Healy says it all:“I thought, hold on, this thing wants to be with me,” Healy went on. “He has the ability to destroy whatever he wants and the desire to hurt nothing. He’s so strong, so independent, so graceful, so elegant, so generous with his time, so understanding of my fragility… there were so many human qualities that I envied in this horse. I’m not as good with other people as he is; I’m not as strong as he is, I’m not as forgiving as he is, I’m not as elegant as he is.”


  1. Hei Kia
    Kiitos hienosta postauksesta. FB:ssä tuli tänään vastaan tämä, kolahti minuun vahvasti:

    "What if dressage was instead about reaching a place where you are near the ‘best idea’ of yourself? You might not be famous, but your horse likes and respects you, people like and respect you. You work hard, but you’re not nervous about the outcome. How you feel about your work won’t change much because of some judge’s opinion. You are less concerned with how you measure up to an external yardstick because you are seriously engaged in how you meet standards established by your own tests. When you are riding, training, or teaching, you are so focused, you are often unaware of time. Even when a session is difficult, you feel right with your horse.”

    Yllä oleva lainaus on Paul Belasikin kirjasta "Dressage for No Country"
    Koko artikkeli löytyy täältä

    Aurinkoista viikkoa!
    Maarit L.

    1. Tack fina Maarit L. Ska läsa artikeln. Hoppas du har en fantastisk påsk!