Saturday, September 15, 2018

Summer 2018

My Amazing Daughter who loves swimming more than anything. 

It has been such an amazing summer. We spent a few weeks in Spain with Ella and some friends and four days in Beautiful Croatia together with family. Most of the time however was spent next to Thor at our countryplace by the sea. 

Here are some of my favourite pictures from this summer. Feeling very grateful for everything. 

My brother and Jack have become the best buddies.


Heading to our yearly gathering with all the expat friends from abroad.

Friends in Hankoo. 

Opening the heart and closing in on myself.

In the best company.

Morning workout with the family.

My best friends came visiting us all the way from Australia. We will head there in November for almost four weeks.

Jack feels very content with Veterinarian Chris Brown.

The perfect summer day!

And also time for a swim.

My cousin and food GURU. Wouldn't have made all that food without him in anyway.

We also got time for some basketball as always when the boys are around.
He even makes the most amazing breakfast.

Ella and her cousins.

One of the many yoga moments this summer with my friend Auli Nissinen. 

One of those memorable summer mornings waking up with a morning flow at Löyly accompanied by a sauna.

Jack has spent a lot of time with this beautiful family on their Island close to our country place.
He is as in love with this family as they are with him. . 

Jack is always watching and wondering about life.

When the algae was at bay we got ourselves a swimming pool.


Jack is watching our herbs. I love all the herbs in the summer.

Jack and his friend Lucy!

We also made it to a wedding in Sweden.

My uncle and Godfather Roy turned 60 years.

Thor has had a great summer. 

And we even saw Piff one night when we took a long hack out in the heat.
I started crying from all the summer memories with Piff and Marelda. 

Beautiful evening rides. One of the best things in life.

Many beautiful dinners eaten at Restaurant Scola in Barösund. Love this place.

Autumn is slowly creeping up on us but we enjoyed an amazing evening at the countryside in August. 

One of those moments in life when you feel so alive and blessed. 

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