Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Make the underside of your horse's neck more of a U than a V

For the past weeks there have been a few great illustrations that I wanted to share with you all. Firstly this great picture and quote from Carl Hester.

"To help your half halts become more forward so they open your horse’s throat latch. Imagine that those half halts open the underside of your horse’s neck to make it more in the shape of a U instead of a V. — Carl Hester

And secondly a picture that was shared by Sally Amsterdamer on what happens with the horse when we use too much inside rein.

As we can see in the picture we both knock the horse off balance and make the horse crooked. The left picture shows how the horse has come over his outside shoulder and has a hard time balancing. I really think that we easily lounge and ride our horses crooked since we bend them too much and ride them on small circles in small arenas. I have found that one of the best ways to counteract this is to get out there with your horse. Run up hills, canter long distances and swim if there is the possibility for it. Also when riding, we should concentrate more on balancing the shoulders and keeping them in a straight line toward the direction you are going. Forget about the neck for a while and concentrate on riding a horse with a straight vertebrae with the vertebral column not collapsing in either direction.

A great way to feel when the horse is crooked is riding bareback. Close your eyes, breathe and just listen! ūüíôūüźī

Great Marsterclass from Carl Hester can be found here.

And the one and only George Morris teaches riders at Runsten Equestrian in Sweden. A fun read as well.

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