Thursday, August 2, 2018

Falling in love with your 'Soul Signature'

"I always say you become what you believe. And the only thing you have to believe is that you are a part of the divine. Because once you really get that you know that no matter what comes, you are going to be okay." - Oprah Winfrey

I believe that we all carry our stories. Or the stories that we believe that are ours. One story that I have been carrying most of my life is the story of loneliness. That I am not loved. That nobody really cares about me and that whomever I get to know or whatever I do in life, it never sticks. Nobody sticks. I can go to a meeting at work and think that this person will end up hating me anyway so it really is no point getting to know them. I really think that. I really do.

And then there are those people that have been stuck to me. Those people that I wonder about. Why do they still want to be my friends? Maybe they don't see me enough or really truly see who I am. And then there is Tiina Wright. That one friend and family that has held me in her arms when I have been screaming and has taken my hand when I have been crying. She has never left my side once. Not for the good or the bad, in the pain or the joy. Because of Tiina I am where I am today.

And then one morning your friend Hanna Nyholm sends you a talk with Oprah Winfrey and Panache Desai. A world renowned visionary and transformational teacher. And it all makes sense. All those moments of yoga, meditation and times spent in the saddle.

"Abundance is the richness of your experience and the richness of your life. It is not about what you have."

Desai talks about how important it is to not only change our thoughts but our energies. That ancient yogis and mystics knew that we inhabited a vibrational universe and reality. And that at the deepest level we are energy. That every single one of us is energy. That we all have our own unique resonance of energy. And therefore Desai believes that at the greatest level of which any transformation can occur is at the vibrational level. And meditation, yoga, chanting and prayer are vibrational practices to shift us at that core level. And so everyone of us embodies our own resonance and frequency that Desai calls everyone's unique 'Soul Signature'.

- Ultimately we are all part of energy but we all have our unique expression of energy. And that is the cool part. We are so busy trying to be someone else other than who we have been created to be that we have moved away from our soul signature. And then we are wondering why our life doesn't work. Why areas of our life don't flush. Because we are fighting against our design. In the journey of every great being there is a singular moment when they finally surrender to their soul signature. They finally embrace who they are, the way they are. There is no greater power or no greater connection than to be in harmony with oneself. Which is to fully embrace all that we are because we are beautiful. We are NOT BROKEN. We don't need fixing. We don't need teaching. All that we need is for us finally to just accept all that we are.

And how do we do this in a world where we can sometimes feel that we are not accepted as we are or where we can walk around thinking how unfair life is.

- The key to unlocking who we are is acceptance. We judge our anger, we judge our fear and overly compensate for our insecurities. When that moment arrives where you feel anger or any other emotion there is a visceral or vibrational reaction that is being triggered inside of you. 'Emotions are energies in motion'. Which means that they want to move. What do we do? We stuff it, we repress it, we surpress it. 'Oh no, it is not socially acceptable to feel my anger or sadness so I am going to stuff it or do something to avoid feeling it'. We are not releasing the thing and letting is pass through us but it rather becomes density and literally forms a weight in our bodies. Every emotion and life experiences want to happen. We just don't allow them to happen. And they are not wrong or bad. We just need to change our languaging around these experiences. They are just energy. 

I have always felt a strong connection to nature and animals. It has been my 'Soul Signature' since I was born but I have never really lived up to it. I have always thought or told myself the story of what I should be doing with my life. Where I should be living and what I should be working with. I have not been living the life that I have been destined to live and I am still too afraid to financially brake loose in order to live my souls purpose. In yoga we talk about cultivating sensitivity and through all the practices  that I have been doing, I feel that the sensitivity toward what ones own soul vibrates for becomes stronger and stronger. The more we get to know ourselves the deeper we also connect to our true being and purpose.

- We have empowered everyone elses version of us over our true self. We have taken on the limitations of everyone else instead of believing in that limitless potential that we were born to be.

Sometimes people just mess up, but that too is a part of them moving into something greater. Everything in life is a call to bring you into something greater. And sometimes you have to fall from the highest of heights in order to pick yourself back up and re prioritize what is important. And recommit to what is important.

I do not believe that life is unfair. I believe that life is happening for us, not too us. And I sense that even those moments that we perceive to be challenging or harsh, ”unfair”, are actually leading us into something greater and we just can't perceive it in that moment. That we are only ever being led back home to ourselves. And that ultimately all of this is happening for us to realize who we are at the deepest level.  There is just something beautiful in being human. It is not something special or otherworldly. It is just the fact that we are human and our humanity is the doorway to the divine.

When things happen to us that can seem hard and unfair, Desai reminds us that the first thing is to recognize that what is happening is not a punishment. It is actually an opportunity. What most people do is pretend that it is not there. Pretend that it doesn't exist or try and do something to avoid feeling it. The key is to actually feel it and to actually be available for it. And not resist it. And in those moments then when you can actually just embrace and accept it, five years from now or ten years from now, when you look back on it, you see it as a pivotal moment in your development.

- We should embrace ourselves for who we are. When anger arises instead of stuffing the anger or denying its existence, lets embrace it, lets feel it. Lets completely relax our bodies and be available to it. It is not that these things need to cease existing but it is that we include them as a part of who we are. That is the gift. The gift is in being human. 

And then Winfrey and Desai talk about fear and we are reminded that the more we embrace fear the less it dominates our experience. Any and all energies that we don't embrace run us. Any and all things that we embrace no longer have any power over us. So the more we can embrace these parts of us like fear, which is natural. We hold on to our fear. Take Zebras that feel fear. They are out in the wilderness and the lion comes: "Quick! Henry run." And then they run and then they stop running and they look at each other and they shake it out. And that is the end of it. We don't do that. We hold on to it for like 50 years until we don't really know what we are afraid of anymore. We accumulate our fear. So the key is to understand that fear is a part of our experience but it does not need to dominate our experience. 

Both Winfrey and Desai tells us to shift our way of thinking to 'Isn't life just a wonder, waking up every day looking for the wondrousness in it. God will just thrill you and blow your mind all the time.' Desai also reminds us of the importance of our breath and connecting to it in our everyday life making it a living meditation. He also gives us the advice to remember to slow down. We are running around and never taking the time to just stop and slow down. As Desai states: 'It is ok, you are ok.'

"We can only ever be who we are, and at some point that has to be good enough."

All excerpts are written down from Oprah's Super Souls Conversations with Panache Desai

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