Sunday, February 18, 2018

Winter Wonderland

 Beautiful Oittaa

The past week has been magical. Finland has been a real winter wonderland and we have mostly been out in the forest with Thor and Jack. The weather has been fantastic. It has not been too cold and there has been a lot of snow. We have also been out on the ice skiing with our friends and the past few days we have had the company of the sun that has been warming our faces out on the ice. 


Thor has been great to ride and he has been very patient with Jack. I am so proud of him taking such good care of little Jack and I am thanking him every time he acts so nicely with Jack running around his legs when we are out hacking. 

Yesterday Jack joined us out on the ice with the skies for the first time. It was so uncomfortable to wear the leash and the beginning was so difficult. Then I met an old couple who told me that they usually keep their dog free on the ice. So I decided to let Jack run around and so he did. He really seemed to enjoy himself to the fullest and even if he ran long distances he stayed very nicely close to me. He is slowly learning and even if I still am afraid of letting him loose I think that the only way to learn is to be able to run around as much as possible. 

This week is winter holiday from school in Finland and Ella is spending it with her father and their family in Thailand. So I will just work, ride, spend time with Jack, see friends, go our for dinners and go to as many yoga classes as possible. 

We also had time for a really nice dinner at restaurant Nokka yesterday. 

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  1. These winter days have been amazing! It seems like the nature is giving her best in order to make up the long wait we had to get here... 😉

    Even though I must admit, commenting so much later on the April 2nd that it was a surprise to wake up all this new snow this morning.... And by the look of it, it seems it's not going to stop any time soon. Well, there's no bad weather, you'll just have to choose your clothing accordingly.

    Maarit L. 😊