Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Keep Your Head HIgh

Malena Lutz ja Valo. Kuvaaja Petra Lönnqvist, hestafoto.com

I used to be a very proud rider. Someone with a great seat and a soft yet strong gaze. Centered Riding pioneer Sally Amsterdamer talks a lot about the importance of our gaze and where we look. It is actually one of the cornerstones in her teachings. 

For the past years I have not only paid attention to where I look, but also how I wear my head and my body in general. Do I slump? Do I look at the horses neck or do I wear my gaze and my head high? Do I direct positive energy toward the horse or is my energy blocked? Am I supple yet strong? And the list goes on. 

It is easy to think about these things in theory but to really feel our bodies and our mind I think we  also need to work on ourselves when we are not on the horse. We should exercise in any form, do yoga, meditate and just take time to slow down before we enter that stable. 

I have not been a very proud rider lately and I think it really has nothing to do with the time I spend around horses. It is more about the fact that I have been tired and my energy has been low. And when my energy is low it is also hard to stay a very focused rider. I usually tell my own pupils that they can imagine being a very proud Indian riding without a saddle in the nature in full canter. That they are open in their upper bodies and that someone is pulling them up from the middle of the head toward the sky. I think all metaphors and portrayed images are great when we ride but if we don't really feel proud and energetic or good about ourselves it doesn't really work. It only works on the surface but the way we move and what we do in that moment is only temporary. 

So work on yourselves as much as you can. 

I promise that when you become more at ease with yourselves, you will also be more at ease with your horses (and the horse will be more at ease with you). And listen to yourself and to the horse. I think it all comes down to having fun and enjoying that ride. That we not only come with good energy to the stable but leave with even better. Don't let anyone put you down or tell you that they know better. It is your moment with the horse and it should be just that. 

I chose the picture of Malena Lutz and her horse Valo for this blogpost because I love the feeling in the picture. Valo is blind but has been leading Malena around in the Finnish forest for years now. It is a beautiful story of trust and commitment to each other. 

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  1. I hear you Kia.

    During the past couple of months my riding has been going up and down. Even though I love riding and being with the horses I haven't been taken as good care of myself as I should. Simply by just ignoring the need of a good night's sleep I also have had my energy levels (and spirit) way too low occasionally. No wonder my riding hasn't been going so smoothly.

    Also, I've finally accepted that I really have to do so much more outside of the saddle in order to do my very best when on the horseback.

    Maarit L.