Monday, September 4, 2017

Yoga poses and horses

I have joined Rachel Brathen's 30 day #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirlchallenge on Instagram. I am not very keen on any challenges but it has been a lot of fun writing down the thoughts of each day and really ponder Why I do yoga, how often, in what situations and so forth.
On Saturday my 'yoga moment' was spent in the company of horses surrounded by beautiful nature. I absolutely love how well yoga and spending time with horses combine so well. It is like they were meant to benefit each other. As Buck Brannaman says so well:

"The horse is a mirror to your soul. Sometimes you might not like what you see. Sometime you will."

All the other horses were very interested in the cameraman and also in my yoga poses. All horses except Thor who as usual really couldn't have cared less about having me around. He definitely does show some affection when he nowadays comes up to me as soon as I come to the stable but other than that he really is very happy over a life without much human contact. He loves his horse friends and being out and about. It is a bit like with us humans or any other animals. Some like to be more close and are more affectionate when others are pretty happy with how they are and what they have.

That must be a Canon, Poju the pony seems to think

Please just don't disturb my moment.

Snuffe the foal. Teach them early.

What on earth is she doing?

Slowly but surely I am getting there. With a little help from a friend. 


I'm off.....

Whatever. Then I might as well jump on you.

Finally she is leaving us alone. 

Ahhhhh..... Not much better than this. 

Still some summer left. Grass, a big field and great friends. Pure enjoyment.