Friday, March 17, 2017

Christmas in Dubai

Out on the dunes

I love Christmas in Finland more than anything. The early mornings in the country-side, the church, the porridge, the Christmas food, time spent with the family. You get the point.....

After the break-up this summer I however felt that Christmas at home would bring forth too many memories and too much feelings so we decided to spend Christmas in Dubai. 

This was my second time in Dubai. Here you can read about the first trip that was fantastic and also get some good restaurant / bar and night club recommendations. On the second trip my absolute favourite was still the sushi restaurant and ended up being the favorite place for the whole family. 

We had a lovely holiday. We experienced a lot of things together but mostly relaxed and enjoyed life. Here are some of the pictures from the trip and I have a whole other post coming up with one of the highlights: I got to spend a whole day with long distance rider Mia Schauman and Amru Alabidi at the Elite Horsemanship facility at the Mandara Equestrian Club. An amazing day all in all. 

They were driving around recklessly but I got myself a few good pictures. 

Going shopping!

Christmas Eve!

Working out at the outdoor gym.

My brother and daughter out and about. 

Lateevening stroll before heading to the airport. I love those small moments alone in different countries.
There is something magical about it. 

More on Dubai here. Riding in Dubai here


  1. Lovely pics, Kia! And I believe that you made the right choice - sometimes it's good to get away, all on your own or with your nearest and dearest.

    Have a great weekend!
    Maarit L. :-) happy with my double cappuccino and purple smoothie at La Torrefazione in Kamppi, 5th floor

    1. Thank you! It was nice taking some proper pictures again. And yes, it was definitely a good idea. It was already heartbreaking even if we werent at home, but at least it is one Christmas down. I guess the next one should already be easier.;)

      Sounds amazing. I really like the 5th floor at Kamppi. They opened Yoga Nordic there so have visited a couple of times. Beijing 8 also has great dumplings.

      Have a wonderful weekend!