Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Opening my heart

Today I felt so grateful for my practice. Most of the year it is so busy and I try to cram in my yoga into any space and time I can find. Sometimes for a shorther practice, some other day for a longer one. Sometimes in a smaller space, other times in a bigger room. Sometimes more concentrated, sometimes with no focus at all. The fact that the daily routines are surrounded by so many elements is just life and it's something that we all need to cope with and do our best to handle. But then you have mornings like these where the sea opens up to you, the only sound you hear are the birds and a distant motor humming. The sun is strong and the sea is so calm and sad from all the pollution. It is these mornings that I remember when the autumn sets in and the winter starts to slowly arrive. I feel so thankful for my practice and for these precious moments in life. Thank you! #grateful #yoga #yogaeverywhere #thankful #yogaeverydamnday #mypractice #sea #sun #water #myelement #yogini_and_co

This summer has been so much about healing, breathing and allowing my heart to be open. Telling myself that I also have the right to love and be loved to the full extension of my hearts capacity. #loveyourself #healingheart #bekind #yoga #nature #time

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