Friday, April 6, 2018

Focus, alignment and flow

Peder Fredricson

When I started to practice yoga one of my key focuses was on becoming a better rider. Whatever I have always done has been one step toward becoming a better horsewoman. 

When I had been practicing yoga for a while in Australia I realized how much yoga affected my physical body. I became much more aligned and found out how much better I was at seeing and feeling what correct alignment was. I could feel the difference on my left and right side on and off the horse and I not only became much stronger in my own body but also much more supple

I have always had a monkey of a mind and my mind has been wandering up and down and round and round. Through different asanas and breath work I have found that my central nervous system calms down and I am more focused and at ease with myself and life in general. I am no longer as reactive as before and when I feel nervous or tight when in the saddle I am able to breath through those feelings. I am able to see myself outside of my emotions and rather than getting stuck in different situations I am letting them flow through me. Because what you also learn is that life is a movement of things and nothing is constant. 

"The horse, a creature whose nature is water embodied, will almost always flow in the path of least resistance. They are the stream, and (without meaning to) we are the rocks around which they flow. I believe, have felt and seen and witnessed so many beautiful moments when horse and human are both rivers, blending their movements together to create a living picture of harmony. And isn’t that one of the many reasons we love horses: to experience moments that allow us to get out of ourselves, and see the world from their perspective?" - Crissi McDonald



  1. Thank you Kia for this text and for quoting Crissi McDonald, have to take a better look at this.

    I also want to say how happy I am for you and Thor for finding such a lovely place for Thor. Even though you have told several times via this blog how much more relaxed, calmer and happier Thor has become, I hadn't fully understood the importance and all the underlying reasons of this until I read the blog Leo Leijonasydän by Katariina Alongi.

    Giving horses the possibility to choose, to allow them to make their own decisions is giving them freedom. I believe that helps us to build a true relationship with horses, enables a two-way communication with each other so that we become equals, friends.

    Thank you Kia for kindly pointing to right direction so that I can follow my own path.

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Maarit L.

    1. Hi Maarit L.

      Thank you for your kind words always. You just wrote it so nicely once again and I must say that there is magic in making your own decisions (horse or human) but also in daring to follow your own path. It took me a long time to realise that I can actually totally stand behind what I believe in. The freedom for horses and everything I write about is something that I have felt since I was a little girl but every once in a while there have been bumps in the path as there always is. Now I finally feel that we have come home to a place where we can live just the way I want my horses to live.:)

      Have a great beginning of the new week!

    2. And what do you recommend reading from Katariina Alongis blog? Some particular posts that you especially liked?

  2. Hello Kia

    Thank you for your reply.

    It seems to me that everything Katariina writes is good to read, even though I must admit that it is not necessarily easy, very often quite the opposite. But there also lies the true value of her writing, as she has asked herself some tough questions and while reading her texts one can not avoid asking these same questions. At least I couldn't. By starting to think outside of the box she has made quite a journey, and I am grateful that she is so willing to share her thoughts, feelings and experiences along the way.

    I started by reading Leo Leijonasydän, from the beginning to the end, and I feel honoured for being able to have a chance to get to know Leo, even "only" via blog. A lovely, wise horse with a big heart. A mentor and a true friend.

    I am now reading her equineinsanity which is in English. She has the ability to challenge the reader. You start to wonder and looking for your own answers, and with each answer you will change, forever. For better.

    Maarit L.