Monday, September 28, 2009

About me

This page isn’t really about me. It is about my friend, the horse. I cannot remember a time when horses have not been part of my life. If not in reality they have always been in my heart, my mind and sometimes in my dreams. Some of the best moments of my life have been experienced on horse-back or in the company of horses.

Still, so many a times the horse is misunderstood and so wrongly raised and trained. A horses’ physics is made for roaming and grazing, not standing in small paddocks or confined inside stables. A horse is also a heard animal, but is still very often seen kept alone. I want to share with You what I have learned from years dealing with, training and teaching horse-back riding in various cultures and with different horse personalities. The road is endless and full of wonderful moments when working around horses. What you read here are not stated facts, only one person’s thoughts and words in writing. As with everything in life, take a piece of the things that you like the most and mix them up or mold them into your own.

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