Monday, October 8, 2018

What is your story?

This picture was taken from my morning walk with our dog this morning. 

What is your story?

My story is loneliness and rejection. Always feeling aside and hardly ever a part of a community. My story is embedded deep within me and only through my yoga and meditation practice have I slowly been able to start to alter my story.

I hear stories from people all the time. Thoughts built up around themselves that in no way resonate with others and are very hard to understand, but are so deeply built in that one humans DNA that it is hard to change the cover however hard we try. 

"Sharpen up", they say. "Just get it together", they say. 
We live in a society where being tough and speeding through life are considered virtues. We live in a culture where we look up to people having one million things going on at the same time, never really having time for some rest. We are so far from where nature intended us to be that we forget all about the nature inside of us. 

We are brought up thinking that it is cool to do things that others consider important. We hardly ever stop and listen to who we really are and what we really do. When we strip away the job, the apartment, the croissant, the running every day, or the partner, who are we and what is our true purpose?

"In the West we are taught from an early age that what we do and how we own are the sole components for measuring whether we are "successfull". We measure our success and that of others through this limited vantage point, judging and dismissing anything that falls outside these narrow parameters. What yoga teaches us is that who we are and how we are constitute the ultimate proof of a life lived in freedom." - Donna Farhi

Rather than being so strong and forward all the time, maybe we could just stop and be vulnerable. Just quit doing so much all the time and stare at those thoughts and whatever comes up with and open mind. Maybe be true to what we feel and not be afraid of showing emotions. We are so afraid of letting those tears come out through those eyes of ours or those angry screams manifest themselves through our mouths that we rather keep the tears inside and the noise buried somewhere deep within our hip joints.

If we don't let it out, it will stay in. 

We all have our limiting beliefs. Even famous people like Josh Groban have anxiety attacks and has been suffered from depression. It is important to raise these issues and talk about them. And to tell people that you are not alone.

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