Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Water family

Once the water cleared up and the sun started shining from the blue sky we got into ur swimming practice properly again. Before that we also went swimming since Ella stays in the water for hours and nobody else but Thor can keep up with her. I definitely am too cold for that.

Swimming is just the best exercise and I find that it calms and relaxes all of us. Especially Thor gets less anxious and is usually very content after having spent some time in the water.

Today we went for our jumping lesson with Jannika and it was so much fun. Thor felt really good and jumped so well. We jumped over some scary (for me) pink pigs and some water. We also rode a circle of eight over a fence and changed the lead each time. Between the fences we also lengthened and shortened the horse's strides just to check that the horse is reactive and at the aids of the rider between the jumps.

After the ride I cleaned the stable and the place where the chickens live (I just love those animals). I was too lazy to take the horses out to the field which I guess was a good call with all the rain and storm that came upon us suddenly. Now it is nice to relax at home for a bit and just read, blogg and watch series and movies.

This summer has been amazing with the horses. I have loved taking care of them and for the first time in my life I really feel that I would like to have the horses at home with us. You just get such a different connection when you spend many hours of the day with them and it is just the best thing to enter the stable in the morning with all the horses, cats and the rooster welcoming you. Maybe it will someday be possible to have Thor at home but for now this is the perfect middle way. When work and school starts again it would be hard to find the time for everything.

But as I have come to know we can always wish for things and hope for them to become reality. A lot of the time what we dream of actually manifests later in life. So please Universe, keeping horses at home is just something that I would love someday. Maybe not yet, but one fine day when Thor is a little bit older and I can buy him a nice and young friend.

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