Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Back to Modelling

We had so much fun with my brother when we were modeling for the British Embassy last week. I think we did the last modeling gig together around 20 years ago so it was a little bit of a special moment. It was also amazing to get the make up done by fantastic Tiina-Maria Valanti. She is an extraordinary make-up artist and if I ever get married I know whom I will book for the beauty part.

I also absolutely loved the pearl earrings by Mert Otsamo from his collection My Childhood Dreams for A. Tillander and the dress that I was wearing designed by him. Mert always has a story to what he creates and these pearls were damaged pearls that were growing up looking a little bit different than the normal pearls. He said that it attracted him because the originality and difference of those pearls is what makes them and also all of us humanbeings unique.  

We also ended up in Iltalehti with Kim. I LOVE this dress by Mert Otsamo and
the earrings from his collection My Childhood Dreams for A.Tillander.

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