Saturday, April 13, 2019

Horse Massage

Today I had the pleasure of being given a head massage by my friends horse Gallu. Apparently Gallu knows exactly where the trigger points are and he always finds the tightest spots that he massages open. Warmly recommended!

After my own massage Thor was visited by Emma Henriksson from Pro Cheval. Emma gives massage, electro therapy and laser treatments. Thor has been very stiff for a while now (that I think has to do mostly with his shoeing), but he also has been a bit funny with his left side. Especially the ear and neck area. Emma massaged Thor and treated his back and also gave some laser for the neck. Thor relaxed well during the treatment and if he feels better next week we will take Emma soon again for another treatment. If Thor however still feels uneasy with his head I will take him to see an Equine Dentist specialized in the horses mouth in May. I want to make sure that he has no worse problems in the mouth and that there is no bad pain causing his reactions. I will keep you updated.

In case you want to read more about the Equine Mouth and Teeth, here are my articles on this subject

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