Wednesday, January 2, 2019

It is ok to not be ok

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you." - Rumi

As we are going into a New Year we set intentions and we hope that the New Year  that will arrive will be even better than the last. That we will be healthy and happy and that we will survive most of our days without too much drama.

But this time of the year is also a time that makes so many of us feel more lost than ever. It is a time when we stop and reflect on what has been and what is to become and find it hard to stay in the present moment. 

What I have found during my short lifetime is that life will throw you a lot of stuff. It will give you a divorce and smack you in the face with all the lovely dovely couples and "perfect families" around you. It will give you a job that you don't enjoy and show you all the Instagram posts of people that seem to love what they do everyday. It will give you pregnant bellies all around if you are not pregnant, and it will give you lemons when you were expecting to receive lime. 

The thing is however that we all have something. When people tell you that that couple, or that Mother, or that friend or that neighbour we create stories in our minds that are not real. WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING. 

The somethings can be anything but what I have learnt is that the more you sit with the somethings or anything, the more it will go away or the easier it is to deal with. We are so used to brush uncomfortable feelings off our shoulders that we just bury them down, dig them deeper and show the outer world the untouched surface of a perfect painting. 

What I am maybe trying to say here is that it is ok to not be perfect or unwounded. It is fine to feel sad, anxious and depressed and stay in those feelings. Because as much as there is the somethings, there is also the moments. And no moment is alike. 

So sit with it, Breathe, sit some more, read Maaret Kallio's recent post Meitä suomalaisia moititaan usein hiljaisuudesta, mutta sen sietäminen voi kertoa mielen joustavuudesta, and remember Leonard Cohen's wise words:

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

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