Monday, December 18, 2017

About Friendship

I was so angry. I was so angry with my friend and I told her that it is all her fault and that she really needs to take a look in the mirror. I threw the dandy brush on the floor in the stable and walked out from the door. 

Normally another person would have told me to piss off, but my friend looked at me, asked me if I am alright and then took me in her arms. She told me that she knows that I am going through a tough time but that she is always there for me. And no matter what I do, she will always have my back.

You see. Friendship is not really about the good times. They are the cream on the cake and fun to have, but real friendship is measured when the going gets though. Real friends are the ones that stand by your side no matter what. They are the ones that take you in their arms when you get angry (because they know that the anger really has nothing to do with them). Real friends are the ones that open the door even in the middle of the night when you have had that last fight with your other half and you finally decide that it is time to move on. They listen to you month after month and year after year. Sometimes they listen too much, but they always do. Because friendship is really not measured on how often you speak or how many fancy dinners you have together. It is measured on the fact that for once in your life you know that the other person is always there. You never have to doubt it and no matter how imperfect you might be or how crazy or foolish anyone else perceives you, they always have your back. 

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